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May 21, 2010

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For 4 generations the Phipps Store and farm have thrived in Silas Creek. Now, the old store comes to life every Friday night with a weekly jam. The store was a center piece on Silas Creek with its merchandise and community post office. Bob and Lessie Phipps ran the dairy farm and store. Lessie not only ran the store but was the Post Mistress as well as the school teacher at the three room Landmark school. The music played on Friday nights are by local and regional musicians. The music is old time mountain songs and an occasional mountain ballad. All ages and music skill levels are welcome as dancers are too. The area boasts some of the best 'pickers' anywhere in these mountains. Many have gone professional and play with the most popular bluegrass bands. When the pros aren't playing in Nashville, they usually come back home and you never know where they will show up to jam. Maybe even here on Silas Creek. The jam is free, donations welcome for the electricity and upkeep. Time of the jam is Friday 7:00Pm-10:00PM.

Location: 2425 Silas Creek Rd., Lansing, NC.28643. Info: James or Rita Wood 336-384-2382. 

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